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Latest review of Cat's Eye Marble

Cat's Eye Marble

Cat's Eye Marble
Author: Leeann Smith
Publisher: Friesen Press
Publication Date: November 2012

Book Description:
Dani learned much too young that fairy tales do not exist for some kids. With an abusive, alcoholic mother that blames her daughter for her own shortcomings and a father that turns a blind eye in order to maintain his own sanity, Dani’s only means of survival is to escape within her mind. After five years of living in hell, Dani finally catches a break. A new family, a new home, and a new life give her the childhood she never had. Just as it seems her life has turned around, fate has other plans. When it all unravels, a teenage Dani sets out on her own. With nothing left, she finds an unlikely hero ready to rescue her from herself and her past. Will Dani be able to put her ghosts to rest or will the past force her to a last resort—revenge?

Cat’s Eye Marble is a heartbreaking journey showing the power of a child’s mind to survive the unspeakable as well as what happens when the walls of defense come crumbling to the ground.

Idgie Says:
The first thing you think when you finish this book is "Thank God it's fiction". Unfortunately there's far too much of this same story out there in the world.
This child goes through absolute hell and when she finally finds salvation with a good family, that unexpectedly turns on her like a rabid dog also. That someone who was so loving and kind could change their stripes so completely took me aback and at first I felt the story went too far, but then I thought about how many people have surprised us all with hidden personalities until it was too late.

It's a heart-wrenching story that's appalling and horrific and you feel so much anger towards so many of the characters - for their cruelty, the lack of caring, the avoidance of the obvious. A young girl mistreated by so many, with so little years of joy and peace. The end is violent and unexpected, but in reflection not unrealistic.

But saying that - the fact that you feel this anger and horror means that the author has done an excellent job of bringing these characters to life.

Good job.

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